Elite Coach Inspired Painting Wins Awards

When the Elite Coach returned home from Odessa, Delaware, last spring, technicians cleaned it inside and out. In fact, every time an Elite Coach returns from its destination, the dedicated Elite Coach technicians thoroughly clean it, inside and out.

Elite Coach is a company that pays attention to the details. Sometimes, when you pay attention to the right details, people take notice—all over the country.


Award-winning painter Michael Bignell walked the tree-lined streets of Odessa, Delaware. In preparation for his exhibit in the historic town, he searched for local subjects to paint. He looked for inspiration, waiting for something to catch his eye.

And then, something did catch the retired architect’s expert eye. Something maroon and shiny. He saw the 18th and 19th century buildings he had been painting for weeks reflected, clearly and sharply, in the side of a handsome Elite Coach bus.

“I wanted to show that the buildings are being used. That Odessa is a lively up to date place, even if the buildings are historic. In a way, I saw the motor coach as a metaphor for a connection to the outside,” Michael said. “I thought to myself, if I can capture all of that, there’s a painting in it.”

As for the bus itself, he envisioned it as a mirror to the picturesque, antique town. However the painter also admired the aesthetics of the bus itself.

“The lines of the coach are really amazing,” Michael said.


Michael went to work. He took photos, from nearly-every angle and perspective. Then he painted. Every day, seven days a week, for a few hours day. He painted the tree-lined street, the historic homes, and the handsome, clean Elite Coach bus.

His medium: acrylic on Arches paper, made of acid-free cotton fiber and flax, produced in pure French stream water.

After weeks of work, Michael finished the painting. He considered the scene he created and felt satisfied.

For the title, he called the 36” x 44” painting “After Yesterday: Elite Coach in Odessa.” A clean and elegant name, like his art style and like the luxury coach that inspired him.

Elite Coach in Odessa stood as the centerpiece of his Odessa exhibit. The painting and the exhibit as a whole earned an enthusiastic reception. The success doesn’t end there though.


The American Artists Professional League, based in New York City, recognized Elite Coach in Odessa, noting the mastery of light and shadow.

After that, The Baltimore Watercolor Society awarded the painting second place and displayed it at the Delaplaine Center for the Visual Arts, in Frederick, MD.

A judge described Elite Coach in Odessa, saying:

“The amount of work and detail drew me to this piece. I found the juxtaposition of the mirrored reflections of the historic buildings lining the street very interesting. One can also compare the reflection to a window looking back in time to what once was. The colors are very vivid and striking. Sometimes there is little emotion in photorealism, but this painting for me is about the reflection and the statement of the past and modern civilization.”


The quality and detail of the Elite Coach compelled the award-winning painter to feature one in a piece of fine art. The quality and detail is the same reason that customers love arriving in an Elite Coach.

“From our customer’s standpoint, groups love to pull up to an event in a bus that looks nice. It’s a point of pride for our company, and I know our customers truly appreciate it.” Elite Coach President Brian Kurtz said.

That means a bus designed with strong stylish lines. And it means a bus shiny and clean enough to reflect a row of historic homes.

The details run beyond just skin deep. The outside speaks to everything inside.

“When a bus pulls up, it tells you a lot about how detail oriented the company is. If a company takes as good of care of their equipment as we do, you know they take good care of other things like safety and driver training.” Brian said. “We do everything with excellence and we take pride in all areas of our business. Having our vehicles look good is just a reflection of that.”

Both Michael and Elite coach will continue to do what they do best. Michael will continue to paint, and Elite Coach will continue to excel as the premier luxury bus service.

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