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Six Things Your Senior-Friendly Travel Bus Company Will Do

Senior travel is bigger than ever! In fact, every year, more and more senior citizens are taking to America’s highways to find fantastic destinations, while enjoying in the sites along the way.

Chartering a luxury coach has emerged as the most popular way for savvy seniors to travel. The benefits of comfort, convenience, price, and a fun experience make this the preferred travel method.

Senior Travel Bus Company Must-Haves

Your money and your patronage is valuable. Any bus company that wants your business needs to demonstrate that they are truly senior citizen inclusive.

Here are the 6 things to make sure your bus company will do for you!

1) Make sure that your senior travel bus has accessibility options available

This is a crucial one. It’s no secret that seniors are more likely to require the use of wheel chairs and walkers. Ensuring that everyone — regardless of their movement restricts — can enjoy senior travel is key. Be sure that your prospective company can provide a lift-enabled coach, should you request it.

Even if you don’t have a direct need for it, accessibility is a key way to tell that the bus company you’re considering keeps the needs of senior citizens front and center.

2) Make sure the bus you’re considering has a bathroom

Comfort stands as one of the big reasons that seniors prefer to travel in coaches. That comfort goes out the window if no bathroom facilities are provided.

Beyond discomfort, not having access to a bathroom can pose a legitimate health concern. Smaller, budget-priced coaches often don’t have access to a sanitary restroom.

For a lot of seniors — and other travelers — that’s a deal breaker.

3) Make sure your senior travel bus features comfortable and adjustable seats

Really, anyone booking a luxury coach should demand comfortable and adjustable seats, but for seniors, it’s even more important.

You’re meant to enjoy the ride — so it’s the bus company’s job to make it as enjoyable as possible. Seniors, in particular, are susceptible to orthopedic issues and need control over their comfortable chairs.  Sitting in rigid chairs for a long trip results in discomfort and possible health concerns.

4) Make sure your senior travel bus has individual climate control

Another one in the category of necessary luxury. Everyone has different thresholds for comfort. As you get older respecting that becomes more important.

When seniors shop around for the best bus, they often choose on one that offers individual climate control.

5) Make sure your senior travel bus company maintains their vehicles — to prevent roadside breakdowns

Roadside breakdowns ruin any trip—for seniors they are more serious than a simple inconvenience, though. Since seniors may have more complicated health issues and schedules, an interruption to the trip can prove dangerous.

Unfortunately maintenance is one place a bus company will attempt to cut costs, by neglecting preventative maintenance in favor of emergency repairs.

How safe and well maintained is an Elite Coach Bus? We’ve earned the highest marks for safety from the Department of Transportation. Being in business over 25 years, we have had the privilege of caring for over 1,000,000 happy travelers.

6) Make sure your senior travel bus company features destinations great for seniors

As much as you want to enjoy the ride, arriving is always the best part.

Since you’ve put so much thought into planning the journey, make sure your location is good. Destinations that are best for seniors limit walking distance and physical activity, while maximizing comfort and entertainment value.

One of the most popular day trip destinations for seniors is the Americana Journey, including a ride on the Colebrookdale railroad.

For multi-day excursions, a trip to Cape Cod, complete with leisurely whale watching and fine dining, proves to be a hit destination with senior travelers.

Elite Coach is Currently Booking Senior Travel Tours

Pretty crucial tips right? We happen to agree.

That’s why Elite Coach does all of these things — to ensure that senior travelers have a safe and comfortable ride.

If you’re a senior traveler looking to book with a senior-friendly company, the time is now.

Elite Coach is currently offering custom packages ideal for you and your group. These packages can be tailored to your specific budget and desired physical activity level.

Elite Coach – Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

Elite Coach was recently featured in an article for IMG’s (International Motorcoach Group) website. The article focuses on how we strive to provide our customers and travelers with the utmost satisfaction before they are on the bus, when they are on the bus, and finally when their trip has completed.

From the care we take on how our buses appear to the training our drivers receive, our customer’s happiness is our ultimate goal.

Read the article to learn more about how Elite’s promise to customer satisfaction shapes the company culture and provides an excellent experience in group travel.

Proud Supporters of the 10th Annual Women’s Pink Game

Elite Coach is proud to be donating our charter bus services to the 10th Annual Women’s Basketball Pink Game at Lebanon Valley College. This is an annual tradition for LVC, drawing in one of their best crowds of the year. Students, the local community, and medical professionals in the area come to help raise Breast Cancer Awareness with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society and the Genetics Program at the Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute.

The event will consist of 2 basketball games featuring Lebanon Valley College vs Arcadia University. The games will take place in the Sorrentino Gymnasium at Arnold Sports complex on Wednesday February 8, 2017 at 6:00pm.

With the amount of people expected at this event and the popularity of the Pink Game, LVC has started using off campus sites including a local high school for overflow parking. To help transport fans to and from the stadium, Elite will be donating a shuttle bus for the basketball games.

The Pink Game will feature the PA Breast Cancer Coalition 67 Women, 67 Counties: Facing Breast Cancer in PA art exhibit. It is a photo exhibit with 21 pull-up banners that feature cancer survivors from all over Pennsylvania. Each banner will provide a story about survival and support Survivors of Breast Cancer will be recognized at half time.

We are excited for the opportunity to help support the fight against breast cancer and are hoping to have many supporters joining us for the game. See you there!

The elite coach painting won several awards.

Elite Coach Inspired Painting Wins Awards

When the Elite Coach returned home from Odessa, Delaware, last spring, technicians cleaned it inside and out. In fact, every time an Elite Coach returns from its destination, the dedicated Elite Coach technicians thoroughly clean it, inside and out.

Elite Coach is a company that pays attention to the details. Sometimes, when you pay attention to the right details, people take notice—all over the country.

Taking Notice

Award-winning painter Michael Bignell walked the tree-lined streets of Odessa, Delaware. In preparation for his exhibit in the historic town, he searched for local subjects to paint. He looked for inspiration, waiting for something to catch his eye.

And then, something did catch the retired architect’s expert eye. Something maroon and shiny. He saw the 18th and 19th century buildings he had been painting for weeks reflected, clearly and sharply, in the side of a handsome Elite Coach bus.

“I wanted to show that the buildings are being used. That Odessa is a lively up to date place, even if the buildings are historic. In a way, I saw the motor coach as a metaphor for a connection to the outside,” Michael said. “I thought to myself, if I can capture all of that, there’s a painting in it.”

As for the bus itself, he envisioned it as a mirror to the picturesque, antique town. However the painter also admired the aesthetics of the bus itself.

“The lines of the coach are really amazing,” Michael said.

Elite Coach in Odessa

Michael went to work. He took photos, from nearly-every angle and perspective. Then he painted. Every day, seven days a week, for a few hours day. He painted the tree-lined street, the historic homes, and the handsome, clean Elite Coach bus.

His medium: acrylic on Arches paper, made of acid-free cotton fiber and flax, produced in pure French stream water.

After weeks of work, Michael finished the painting. He considered the scene he created and felt satisfied.

For the title, he called the 36” x 44” painting “After Yesterday: Elite Coach in Odessa.” A clean and elegant name, like his art style and like the luxury coach that inspired him.

Elite Coach in Odessa stood as the centerpiece of his Odessa exhibit. The painting and the exhibit as a whole earned an enthusiastic reception. The success doesn’t end there though.

More Awards

The American Artists Professional League, based in New York City, recognized Elite Coach in Odessa, noting the mastery of light and shadow.

After that, The Baltimore Watercolor Society awarded the painting second place and displayed it at the Delaplaine Center for the Visual Arts, in Frederick, MD.

A judge described Elite Coach in Odessa, saying:

“The amount of work and detail drew me to this piece. I found the juxtaposition of the mirrored reflections of the historic buildings lining the street very interesting. One can also compare the reflection to a window looking back in time to what once was. The colors are very vivid and striking. Sometimes there is little emotion in photorealism, but this painting for me is about the reflection and the statement of the past and modern civilization.”

The Elite Coach Connection

The quality and detail of the Elite Coach compelled the award-winning painter to feature one in a piece of fine art. The quality and detail is the same reason that customers love arriving in an Elite Coach.

“From our customer’s standpoint, groups love to pull up to an event in a bus that looks nice. It’s a point of pride for our company, and I know our customers truly appreciate it.” Elite Coach President Brian Kurtz said.

That means a bus designed with strong stylish lines. And it means a bus shiny and clean enough to reflect a row of historic homes.

The details run beyond just skin deep. The outside speaks to everything inside.

“When a bus pulls up, it tells you a lot about how detail oriented the company is. If a company takes as good of care of their equipment as we do, you know they take good care of other things like safety and driver training.” Brian said. “We do everything with excellence and we take pride in all areas of our business. Having our vehicles look good is just a reflection of that.”

Both Michael and Elite coach will continue to do what they do best. Michael will continue to paint, and Elite Coach will continue to excel as the premier luxury bus service.

Contact us to discuss your next journey.

Ideas for Fall Group Tours

Is your travel group looking for something new this fall?  Elite Coach Group Tour department has been busy finding fun events and destinations with your group in mind.  We can customize a bus trip to meet your travel group’s interests, time and budget.  Here are some great ideas for fall group tours for this fall. Call us for more details! Or Click Here to get started!

Book your tour group on an Elite Coach bus for a tour through some of the creepiest, most haunted places in Philadelphia with local “celebrity” and ghost author, Charles J. Adams III. This spooktacular tour includes: Ghost tour of haunted and historic Eastern State Penitentiary, lunch at McGillan’s Olde Ale House, tour of Edgar Allan Poe’s National Historic Site, tour of Fort Mifflin, the “Fort that saved America” during the Revolutionary War. Your tour group is sure to have a hauntingly great time on this tour.  Call us today to select your date!

Group Tour Steamrailroad crossingTravel with us on an Elite coach bus to New Freedom, Pa to relive Civil War railroad history aboard the brand new Steam Into History 1860s era replica steam train. Your group will ride the York #17 along the same rails that carried President Lincoln from Washington DC to Gettysburg where he delivered the famous Gettysburg Address.  While enjoying the unspoiled beauty of the rolling countryside from New Freedom to Hanover Junction, you will learn the railroad’s role in the growth of small towns and its economic development of York County. You can add lunch at the historic Glen Rock Mill Inn or a visit to Brown’s Orchards & Farm Market or just spend some time at the Markets of Shrewsbury (available Thursday, Friday & Saturday)  This is an experience that you don’t want your travel group to miss!

NYCCruise into Fall with Elite Coach and Entertainment Cruises and save 15-20% on select dates! Elite Coach has been offered EXCLUSIVE pricing on select dates this fall through our friends at Entertainment Cruises and are passing these incredible savings onto you, our valued customer!  Choose your city, New York City, Philadelphia or Baltimore and we will create a day of fun on the water for your group.  You will enjoy lunch and a narrated cruise aboard the popular Spirit Cruise ship or the extra-luxurious Bateaux (available in NYC only). Call us for the available dates and package pricing! Click here to learn more about your group traveling on an Elite coach bus.

Elite Coach Featured in Charter Bus Company Publication Busline Magazine

Elite Coach was recently featured in Busline Magazine, one of the top charter bus industry publications. We are proud to be recognized among our peers for achievements over the last 20 years in building a charter bus company focused on customer experience and excellence.

Click here to read the full story.

Busline ArticleWhen you name your company Elite Coach, you have a lot to live up to. To be Elite means to be the best, and we strive everyday to maintain that standard by executing an unending attention to detail that sets us apart from our competitors. From customer service to driving operations, bus maintenance, and cleaning our goal is to do everything with excellence.
When people come to tour the Elite Coach facility, they are often surprised at how clean our shop is. Many have used the word “pristine” to describe our headquarters, our fleet and our shop. Our entire Elite Coach team is on board with maintaining this standard because they know it makes for a better employee experience and ultimately a great customer experience.
Customers will notice this immediately in our fleet of modern Prevost motorcoaches. We make sure our fleet is always immaculate so customers can have the greatest experience possible. We operate coaches with 25, 47, and 56 passenger capacities. We also operate a 31 passenger 2 and 1 seated VIP coach. The VIP coach has amenities such as satellite TV, and Wi-Fi. We also have a trolley that we operate mainly for weddings and special group events.

We invite anyone looking for group transportation, charter bus rental, bus tours, or bus maintenance in eastern Pennsylvania or anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region to give us a call or stop in and visit our facilities. We will be happy to show you around and make sure you’re next charter bus experience is a great one.